Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rowan's Art 2 - iSketch Online

HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Lonz is here yet again.

Curtesy of my magnificent friend Rowan, he has produced yet another wonderful piece for my "galleric" blog.

It his words "It's a little on the... weird side."
In my words "fantastic! you should produce more for me brother!"
With his pictures, it's not about the art or quality but about the feeling and meaning behind it. Thats why it's so cool......

It's a recreation of a drawing he did in the online game called iSketch.

iSketch is basically an online game much like Pictionary, but obvious played on the internet.

It is a game where one is given a word to draw while trying to get as many people to guess that word, as correctly as possible.
Try it yourself it's FUN!!!

Now back to the drawing...after looking at this picture what do u think his word was?...i have no idea myself but i'll take a guess and say "Terrorism".

Anyway i'll get the answer off him sum other tyme and post up the answers later




annette said...

Hi it's Annette ~ nice sketches!

Lonz said...

lol hi annette u been long time no see, hope you taking care of Johnny for me.

Kim S. said...


Great site brother.
Put up some more art work for your "Galleric" blog. I am enjoying it.
Show the world your talent!