Monday, December 4, 2006

Buddha Palm Travolts

Sups my peeps,

Man i at the rate i'm going i wouldn't have any decent pictures to display anymore......

I should try to limit like 1-2 a week instead of 1 a day.

Anyway this is pretty much what i have to show today so far....messy, unfinished and very sketchy....then again this IS Lony's Sketchpad so don't be expecting any awesome, colored or sexy finished products.

1) I Just don't have the time
2) I never finish my works anyway..i tend to pass it on to others to do my dirty work ;)

Ok this is a characture of my friend Johnny "Travolts". After several A2 pages of full attempts over a period of several months i finally managed to draw him.
And this is the best resemblance i got.......pathetic eh?...oh well.. still good.

If it where possible i'd make him a secret character in a game that u can unlock. After unlocking he would fly around doing the Buddha Palm technique.

By the way this friend of mine is an awesome graphic designer that is almost ..if not...a veteran in the business. If anyone requires any type of design work please do not hestitate to drop it and ask.
I will forward the message to him.




angieoung said...

oh and i've just noticed lony ..
your linguistics and grammar are exceptionally well written here in this blog.

hehe compared you your usually keyboard klutziness on msn!

Lonz said... goodness!... you don't comment on my pictures... which is what your meant to be doing...oh NO you much rather comment on my english abilities.....I should just write less from now on huh?