Thursday, November 30, 2006

How to Draw Female Face 3/4 view - kinda

hello hello it's Lony,

ok i probably drew this like 4-5 years ago for a friend, so he can learn the ways of drawing a female face.

the first part looks like a guy lol.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Super Rowan!

Hey Hey,

Alright this is a picture i drew some time back. I was for a comic idea based on my dayz at uni.
It is a characture of my friend Rowan....Yes Rowan the guy that is into robots that cook sausages over a bin of fire, with RF antenna for water content detection.

Yes it's super rowan.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Personal Characterisation

Hi Peeps,
After a vigorious day of work i have managed to get home, have a shower, drop in my friends place and use his scanner to scan a recent picture i drew.

I drew this picture probably early this year for a friend. Note i said the word "recent" previously....were recent to me is anything i've done during the year as i dont draw very often due to the busy-ness of work.

My jolly friend (Duy) is supposedly undergoing a university project to produce an online game. Without any discussion i was fuelled to surprise him with some character designs. This was one of the ideas i came up with....actually i kinda based it on myself...though i am not that cool or good looking. But waht the heck, nevertheless it makes a good character. Unfortunately it is not finished hence cannot be used till i do complete it.

You may be wondering what kind of stance is he doing in the "right" pose. It's meant to be an exaggerated version of wing chun fook sao (with closed fist). Though it is also used it tai chi freestyle push hands but with open palm that is.

Anyway hope to post more sketches in the future.



Sunday, November 26, 2006

Introduction - Rowan's Art

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to my online blog used for the purpose of showcasing my ArtWork.

Now you may all be wondering.....why not built a flash folio website to do such a thing instead of using this boring blog system that is really meant to be used as a online diary type thing.....

...............two words pals......TOO.......LAY.........ZEE.

Unfortunately i have yet to scan any of my pictures in so i will have to showcase one of my friends pic that i absolutely adore and love.

This was done freehand ...probably via mouse and most likely with ms paint or msn freehand.

The artist's named is Rowan. His is a graduate electrical engineer who has a great interest in robotic technology as u can see from the above picture. It is a robot, Version 2.0, designed to barbeque sausages or other seasoned meats above a bin of fire. The RF antennas are used for the purpose of measuring the water content of the product. If water content is below threshold the meat is deemed to be cooked. Please dont ask me how it works as i have no idea. Anyway good on you Rowan!

Finally i welcome all types of criticism i can get in my future posts, so fire away.
Thanks alot and cheers