Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Back in Action - Primary School Cover


It's been almost a year since i have updated this "galleric" blog..... i've been as busy as batman in gotham city and it's nasty.

One year minus 13 days has elapse and many many things have eventuated in my life....Unfortunately i have a memory as good as a 80 year old with Alzheimer so remembering anything during this year is a feat in itself.

What can i haven't been drawing much, engineering work in a high speed environment that never sleeps takes a toll out of a chuck of ur lively existence.

I guess i can't leave this entry without some sort of picture to post, so i'll put up this low quality work. It was a quick job for someone i know.......

If you must know yes the person i know is the one in the middle....enough said.

I know its not great and i never ended up finishing this as she required it before i could...nevertheless it did the job and it not to great to go much further into finalizing the CGing.
No i am not a designer so back off. Even something as plain as this is not simple....especially for one who is not very experienced at doing it with the computer. The penciling took 1 day, the inking took 1 day and the flat color and background design took 2 days. About half a week of work and this was the best i can do.