Monday, December 24, 2007

The Avatar - 70 Years Later

A Hearty Hello Everybody ,

I Wish all a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year......
What can i say....another year and another year to come. Lets aspire to manifest our love to all sorts of forms of humanly existence. Best wishes and may your lives prosper with fortune and happiness.
Here's a question, what do you get if you cross Carl Baron, my all time favorite australian comedian...

.......with "The Avatar - The last Airbender" One of my favorite kids cartoon produced by nickelodeon for kids ages 9-14???????? (Just cause i'm older doesn't mean i can't be young at heart!).

I'll tell you what you get.... "the Avatar......70 years later"

This is a small sketch i made inspired by my favorite comedian, since he is quite bald i thought it would be funny to convert him into the next Avatar.
If your one not too fussed or prideful about enjoying a kids cartoon this is quite a good animation. Here's a preview.
Carl Baron is one of the funniest australian comedy ever to grace the public since Paul Kelly and Gandhi, wondering who he is? Check him out on youtube.
Peace out!