Sunday, November 26, 2006

Introduction - Rowan's Art

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to my online blog used for the purpose of showcasing my ArtWork.

Now you may all be wondering.....why not built a flash folio website to do such a thing instead of using this boring blog system that is really meant to be used as a online diary type thing.....

...............two words pals......TOO.......LAY.........ZEE.

Unfortunately i have yet to scan any of my pictures in so i will have to showcase one of my friends pic that i absolutely adore and love.

This was done freehand ...probably via mouse and most likely with ms paint or msn freehand.

The artist's named is Rowan. His is a graduate electrical engineer who has a great interest in robotic technology as u can see from the above picture. It is a robot, Version 2.0, designed to barbeque sausages or other seasoned meats above a bin of fire. The RF antennas are used for the purpose of measuring the water content of the product. If water content is below threshold the meat is deemed to be cooked. Please dont ask me how it works as i have no idea. Anyway good on you Rowan!

Finally i welcome all types of criticism i can get in my future posts, so fire away.
Thanks alot and cheers



Dohzer said...

Hahaha. The drawing lives on!
I'll have to get you some more!

Lonz said...

Mate your a star, please do and i will post em up straight away