Thursday, December 7, 2006

Flexi-Twig Master


Sorry haven't posted for a few dayz....buzy helping my friend with his folio for an interview into university (multimedia design)

Anyway...this a picture i prepared earlier...

I drew this picture like...5 years ago.....(see..i did prepare it earlier .. i wasn't lying)

It is meant to be a drawing of a master and his student. Actually it may just be the same person showing both a younger and older version of himself. Then again it could be father and son "school of twig mastery".

ok i'll let u guys guess first, then i'll tell you what my original intention was.

They are meant to be carrying a short stick or what i like to call em "Flexi-Twig". It's liken to the green flexible stick Chow Yun Fat used in "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" when he was trying to correct Zhang Zhi Yi in her swordplay.

Who needs a sword when you got a green "flexi-twig"!!!



angieoung said...

i think it is master and student .. ?

Dohzer said...

Very nice.
Did you do that in a lecture?

BTW, I've got a picture for you.
Send me an email to my hotmail address so I can send it to you, because I wasn't sure if your uni email still works.

Lonz said...

geez rowan! your meant to guess if it's master and student like angie did.!!..oh woe is me.

But i forgive u cause u got a pic line up for me.

sweet i'll send u an address and you better send me your pic so i can post it!

Oh and yes you are correct angie it is student and master, how u no?

Lonz said...

oh no i didn't do it in lecture i think i did this before i even knew all yous.

Lonz said...
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