Saturday, December 2, 2006

Evolution of a DJ

Greetings Everybody,

After yesterdays day of sports in the blistering cold winds, i am still pooped and a little sickish.

Fortunately my running nose has not won the olympic gold as yet else i' be bed riddened and i would not be able to showcase my joyous pics for today.

This picture was probably done 3 years ago for a friend to promote a DJ for a club night. It was meant to supplement his club pass design.
The theme was "Evolution of a DJ"

Unfortunately i have never seen the colored, finished version of the pic nor have i even seen the club pass it was on. I should ask him one day. i have lost the pencilled version so i've put up the inked version. Though i ain't the greatest inker alive please just like it anyway.... ><

Anyway i feel's about time i go horizontal for a bit



angieoung said...

heeeeey that's pretty snazzy! i like the evolution thing!

Lonz said...

i didn't know u into evolutions of DJs....

angieoung said...

i was referring to the concept of evolution! =P